• BMW 800GSA CRASHBARS Motorradical



    Crash Bars Lower Stainless Steel BMW R 1250 GS (19 – Onwards)

    Give the engine and pods of your R 1250 GS an extra helping of protection. The SW-MOTECH crash bar are mounted on durable frame points. You can also combine it with upper crash bar , this protects the fairing in particular.


    • Reliable protection for important components
    • Robust construction with a pipe diameter of up to 27 mm
    • Matches look and feel of the motorcycle
    • Durable frame linkage
    • Material: Stainless steel

    • The SW-MOTECH upper crash bars safeguard the upper fairing and radiators during a fall, slide or when mis-judging a line while off-road.
    • Robust 22-millimeter tubular steel safeguards the upper fairing and both radiators from expensive impact and abrasion damage.
    • These high-quality crash bars are designed and engineered in Germany to integrate perfectly with O.E.M.
    • lower crash bars or SW-MOTECH lower crash bars for maximum protection of your investment.
    • Installation is straightforward without the need for drilling, cutting, welding or any other permanent modifications.



    Crash bars is an essential piece of kit if you want to protect the fairing and engine from damage during those inevitable side stand incidents. The crash bars can also be used as a platform for mounting additional spot-lights. Finish: Stainless Steel.

    Rockfox Crash Bars are locally made to world class standards and ensure optimum protection for your motorcycle.

  • SW-Motech Crash bars BMW F 750 / 850 GS

    The SW Motech  BMW F750 / 850 GS crash bars are the perfect protection for your BMW Motorrad adventure bike.

    Constructed from high quality steel machined to the finest of tolerances, sandblasted and then powder coated to a rich luster.

    Utilizing a class leading heavy-duty 26mm tube with a wall thickness of 2.5mm (competitors products are 24mm tubing with a thickness of 2.0 – 2.2mm) you can be rest assured that they will protect the vital components on your bike, in the event of a fall .

    SW-Motech F750 /850 GS crash bar design criteria include:

    – High-strength frame mounting points as well as a cross bar to brace the entire system . In the case of a hard impact on one side, the energy will be evenly distributed to all of the mounting points, further reducing the risk of damage though force dissipation .

    Crash bars without this cross brace fail, causing side panels & radiator damage . A failure of  this nature is especially relevant as it can leave  one stranded, as well as being a costly exercise to rectify.

    –  Optimal height : Do not be fooled into thinking that the higher the crash bar  the better. Any crash bar that extends beyond the outer bodywork extremity is superfluous & potentially unsafe to the rider. A crash bar that is too high can cause serious injury to ones legs in the event of falling forward. Additionally it adds unwanted additional weight & vibration.

    – Minimal bends to further increase their strength

    – Full lock to lock handlebar/crash bar permutations ensuring freedom of movement

    –  Superior engineering: some competitor crash bars are fabricated by first crimping the bar & then welding joints, creating a forced fit with a weak bond. As a result gaps are created which are later filled with weld. The additional heat in this method of welding causes warpage and all-too-common installation difficulties.

    SW-Motech joints are 5-axis laser cut, creating a perfect union, before the bars are hand TIG welded in a jig. This process creates a precision fit, easy installation and superior strength.

    –  Quality : Sw-Motech voluntarily subject random samples of their production units to an independent  testing authority. Such units are X-rayed to check quality of the weld, paint adhesion etc.

    –  Simple to install. No cutting or welding is required.

    Exactly what you would expect from a precision German engineered bike protection system.

    BMW  F750 / 850 GS Motorrad crash bar features:

    • Heavy-duty 26mm x 2.5mm steel construction
    • Designed to provide maximum protection
    • Treated for corrosion resistance
    • Powder-coated black finish
    • Strong frame connections
    • Cross brace for additional rigidity & peace of mind
    • Compact design maximizes maneuverability off-road while preserving lean angle on road
    • Includes left and right crashbars
    • Mounting hardware included
    • Requires no modification.
    • Simple to fit

    Included with every crash bar set:

    • 2 Crash bars
    • All mounting hardware
    • Mounting instructions
  • SW-Motech Upper Crashbars Black for BMW R 1200 GS LC / Rallye / R 1250 GS (16 – onwards)

    SW-Motech Upper Crashbars Black for BMW R 1200 GS LC / Rallye / R 1250 GS (16 – onwards)

    SW-MOTECH BMW R 1200 GS LC / Rallye / R 1250 GS  (16 – onwards)  heavy-duty steel Upper Crash bars offer maximum radiator & body panel protection.

    Easy to fit. Quality German engineering designed specifically for your Liquid cooled adventure bike.

    All components are protected against corrosion by sandblasting and powder coating.

    The black finish has a gloss clear topcoat, providing an additional layer of rust protection.


    • Enhances the the lower crash bar.
    • Black powder-coated.
    • Suits the appearance of the motorcycle .
    • Pipe diameter 22 mm.
    • Industry leading wall thickness of  2.5mm (most competitors products have a thickness of 2.0- 2.2 mm).
    • Solid mounting points.
    • Quality German engineering.