• TYRE 120/70/19 – 170/60/17 PIRELLI SCORPION RALLY STR

    1. Technological innovations provide traction on dirt, stability at high speeds, on-road handling agility and grip in all riding conditions
    2. A new compound, with a high content of silica, offers increased grip on both dry and wet surfaces, stability and a superior resistance to abrasion
    3. Increased width and length of the tyre’s contour makes a larger contact patch for better stability
    4. Blocks are longer and wider, and the longitudinal distance between each line of knobs has been reduced to increase the contact patch, without compromising off-road traction
    5. Heat, generated by high speed, is distributed across a wider surface to prevent knob tearing
    6. 50% Off-Road 50% On-Road
  • TYRE 90/90/21 – 150/70/17 MOTOZ TRACTIONATOR GPS