Your motorcycle’s tyre pressure is one of the most important safety and maintenance checks you can perform. After all, this is the only thing holding you off the ground. We believe we have the ultimate in mini compressors: the Desert Fox 12 V Air Compressor.

Small, compact and VERY powerful this air compressor is tailor made by the manufacturer for tough off-road conditions.


• Voltage: DC 12 Volt

• Dual purpose cigarette/Hella/BMW plug.

• Pressure gauge integrated into hose with Bar and PSI readings.

• Pressure gauge has aluminum fittings, not fragile plastic.

• Die-cast aluminum compressor with direct drive technology.

• Aluminium con rod with full race bearing (standard pumps tend to have a plastic con rod with no bearings which shortens the lifespan of the pump considerably).

• Stainless steel valves.

• Extremely robust solid construction.

• Designed for long life as well as being fully serviceable with minimal tools – standard pumps cannot be serviced as they are sealed units.

• Integrated on/off switch built into the body of the pump.

• Inflates a deflated BMW R1200GS rear tyre in ± 90 seconds to 2 Bar.

• Maximum capacity of 8 Bar.

• Maximum continuous running time 8 minutes.

• Compact- 16 cm long X 5 cm wide.

• Specifically designed for tough dusty conditions. Unit is completely sealed against dust.

• Its compact size allows for storage under the seat of numerous bikes.

• Supplied with a zipped and buckled nylon carry bag for complete protection.