Honda Africa Twin Adjustable Gear Lever

SW-MOTECH Adjustable Folding Shift Lever For Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 L / CRF 1000 L Adv Sports / CRF 1100 L / CRF 1100 L Adv Sports (16 – onward)

Install a SW-MOTECH adjustable folding shift lever for the Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 L / CRF 1000 L Adventure sports / CRF 1100 L / CRF 1100 L Adv Sports to enhance fit ,function and resilience over the stock unit.

CNC machined aluminium construction is lightweight yet strong and hard anodized for durability that resists corrosion.

This shifter lever features an adjustable toe-peg to accommodate different sized riders. The toe helps to minimize damage in the event of a fall by folding up and away without breaking and is spring loaded to stay in place. If the motorcycle was to fall over with the OEM shift lever it could break off and leave you stranded with no way to shift your bike.

Typical German over-engineering maximizes strength and functionality. Honda made the Africa Twin for performance in the wild and SW-MOTECH delivers extra with this adjustable shift lever!

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Honda Africa Twin CRF 1000 Adjustable Gear Lever