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Automotive blade fuse

These fuses are standard size automotive blade fuses suitable for in-line fuse holders and are commonly used for small appliances.

Available in 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A

In-line blade-fuse holder

This holder is suitable for standard automotive blade-fuses from 5A to 30A.

This holder is stackable – allowing multiple holders to be clipped together for multiple circuit protection.

Strip fuses

This is a high power fuse with moulded colour-coded body used in conjunction with either the in-line strip-fuse holder or the heavy-duty Mega fuse holder.

Available in 30A, 50A, 100A and 125A

Strip-fuse holder

This fuse holder can be used for larger fuses up to 125A and provides stong terminals for cables up to 16mm.

The plastic holder is manufactured from heat-resistant plastic, is fully insulated and can be securely bolted down.

Mega fuse holder

This is a high-current insulated fuse holder suitable for strip-fuses. Fuse terminals are strong and can accomodate large cables from multiple directions. A single spare fuse can also be stored inside the holder. The heavy-duty fuse holder can be securely bolted down to a flat surface, the holder also has a high-strength clip-on cover.


Water-resistant fuse holder

This in-line blade fuse holder can be used for accessories such as fridges, lights, compressors and other equipment.

For use with standard automotive blade fuses.