National Luna protection jackets are available for all refrigerator sizes and are effective against physical damage such as dents and scratches. Protection jackets can improve refrigerator performance slightly by shielding the metalic surface from direct sunlight. The jackets are constructed from durable fabric and feature a high-strength zip and ventilation net.



  • High-strength fabric construction
  • Durable zip
  • Side pocket
  • Simple to attach
  • Protects against physical damage
  • Protects against direct sunlight


Available sizes NL40 – For National Luna 40-litre
NL50/52 – For National Luna Weekender 50 and 52
NL55/60 – For National Luna 55-litre and 60-litre
NL65 – For National Luna 65-litre
NL72/74/80/90 – For National Luna 72-litre, 74-litre, 80-litre and 90-litre.
NL95 – For National Luna 95-litre
NL110 – For National Luna 110-litre
NL125 – For National Luna 125-litre
Material Durable nylon exterior, foam fill, rip-stop nylon inner
Colour Navy blue (black for Weekender only)