NL5 Intelligent Battery Charger

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The new National Luna 5-Amp Intelligent Battery Charger uses a smart 8-stage charge algorithm to analyse, charge and maintain all types of 12V lead-acid batteries.

The charger can be used for small batteries, such as those on motor-cycles, quad-bikes, boats and jet-ski’s as well as larger automotive batteries up to 120Ah.

Lead-acid battery types such as wet, flooded, “maintenace free”, calcium, AGM, GEL, EV tractions are supported by the charger. The selectable boost mode can be used to recondition batteries that have been excessively discharged, especially calcium types.

The automatic maintenance mode keeps watch on the battery voltage and makes sure that the battery is topped up without over-charging.

Include with the charger are quick-connect battery clamps as well as fused ring terminals for more permanent installation.



  • 5A or 0.8A selectable charge modes.
  • Automatic 8-stage charge algorithm.
  • Long-term maintenance charge keeps batteries full without over-charge.
  • Suitable for 12V wet / flooded, Calcium, AGM and Gel batteries.
  • Best for batteries from 1.2Ah to 120Ah for charging up to 160Ah for maintenance.
  • Boost mode for battery reconditioning.
  • Battery analysis modes detect damaged batteries.
  • Protected against reverse polarity.
  • IP65 rated for water and dust protection.
  • 220-240Vac operation.
  • Quick connect battery clamps and fused ring lugs.
  • 5 Year warranty.


Charge current 5A (normal mode), 0.8A (small battery mode)
Charge algorithm 8-stage automatic charge algorithm.
Battery types 12V : Flooded (wet), Calcium, AGM, GEL
Battery capacity 1.2Ah to 160Ah
Minimum battery voltage 2.0V
Peak charge voltage 14.4V (normal mode), 14.7V(Cold mode), 16V (boost)
Power supply 220V – 240V AC
Housing protection IP65 (dust and splash proof)