Rhinoman Canopies

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South African’s have a passion for the outdoors, often taking their families to the remotest parts of the country for camping trips. It is this desire to explore the unknown that has led to Rhinoman developing its range of off-road canopies. This piece will focus on how you and your family can reap the benefits of fitting an off-road canopy to your bakkie.

Aesthetically pleasing

Rhinoman’s range of off-road canopies is beautifully designed! The units are designed to give your vehicle a more rugged look whilst still remaining chic enough to use around the city and suburbs. The units are remarkably easy to maintain and clean, requiring no special attention as such.

Well built

The units are designed, engineered and built to withstand the harsh conditions of the African wilderness. Constructed using top of the range 3mm thick aluminium sheet, Rhinoman’s off-road canopies can withstand nearly everything thrown at it whilst remaining lightweight, ensuring your vehicle is easily manoeuvred in the toughest situations.


Making use of the optional extras allows your Rhinoman off-road canopy even more versatility. Whether you’re looking to simply store your belongings when travelling or hitch your tent on the roof of your vehicle, Rhinoman’s range of off-road canopies and convenient accessories offer you and your family incredible adaptability no matter where you are.

Units made to fit a number of different vehicle brands

Rhinoman currently offers off-road canopies for the Ford Ranger T6, the Toyota Land Cruiser as well as the Toyota Hilux. There will, however, be units available for VW Amaroks and Isuzus early in 2014. All units can be custom sprayed to match the colour of your vehicle.

The uncompromising nature of the South African wilderness demands that your 4×4 vehicle is fitted with only the highest quality peripherals. Rhinoman’s extensive range of off-road canopies have been tried and tested in the South African bush, guaranteeing that you and your family get the most out of your holiday. Contact Rhinoman today to find out how you can take your outdoor experience to the next level with one of our uniquely produced off-road canopies.