Rospa Gloves specializes in high quality motorbike gloves. We pride ourselves in providing all types of riders, men or women with specialty gloves that offer the protection needed against injury and weather. We have a wide range of gloves covering all sectors of the motorbike industry, from casual endurance rider to the professional racer. Each glove is developed specifically for each respective sector, with professional focus on safety, comfort, moisture management and quality.

ADVENTURE Men’s Endurance Riding

  • A grade cow hide leather
  • TPU knuckle protectors
  • Knitted stretch fabric on upper hand
  • Laker textile on finger walls for extreme comfort
  • Amara textile on front palm
  • Newprean fabric on wrist for comfort grip
  • Rubber protection on reinforcement
  • A grade cow hide leather on front palm for power grip
  • TPR wrist closer
  • Silk lining
  • Men’s glove (textile and leather)
Sizes: from XS to XXXL


Rospa Gloves have been developed to provide quality comfort, as well as withstand various types of weather and/or impact on your hands while riding, ensuring that Rospa Gloves also lasts longer than other gloves in the market. Rospa Gloves are also developed to manage moisture effectively, bringing you the comfort you require, whether you are a stunt or an endurance rider. All our gloves are produced with A-Grade Cowhide Leather bringing you a soft flexible feel on your hands while also ensuring safety.


We believe that each motorbike sector appeals to different consumers and that is why great effort has been put in to ensure we bring you the glove design that suits you. Our gloves don’t just keep your hands safe, but bring you comfort and look great at the same time.


Rospa Gloves are produced with only the best A-Grade cowhide leather. Grade A leather typically has very few surface flaws and is usually softer with little or no scar marks to the hide. Other grades down the scale like B, C and D have more flaws or surface marks and can be a little tougher with less comfort when produced as a glove.