Shoei Hornet ADV

The Shoei  , known as the Shoei Hornet adv in the USA, is the successor to the Shoei Hornet, known as the Shoei Hornet DS in the US, and acts as Shoei’s top range dual-sport helmet meant for adventure riding. This means that while this motorcycle helmet is designed to work as a high quality full-face touring helmet on the road, it is also designed with off road riding in mind for those who like to occasionally leave the streets behind.

This dual functionality is going to cost 519 euros, or around 600 USD at its recommended retail price. Though Shoei aren’t ordinarily known for their motocross helmets, the Hornet brings great features that also show clever innovation. At this price point, the Shoei will be competing with the AGV AX9 ,Schuberth E1  , and the Arai Tout X4.


Starting at the shell, the Shoei Hornet adv comes in 4 shell sizes, which is a great sign that you’ll get a good fit, and the helmet comes in sizes from Double XS to Double XL. As far as noise isolation goes, this helmet was also wind tunnel tested.

That shell is made from fiberglass, using Shoei’s AIM Plus system, which allows Shoei to reduce weight while making sure the outer shell is strong, durable, and light weight. So it will also cover you well on the road when you’re going at high speed for long distance touring.

Speaking of weight, a medium of the Hornet ADV comes in at around 1525 with the peak attached, which isn’t all that bad. The helmet is kept on your head using the ever-popular double-D ring system.


For ventilation, the appears to be lacking compared to other full-face helmets.

There is a single vent on the chin adjusted via a small slider, a thin vent on the brow, and a vent on top of the helmet under the peak. All three of these vents can be opened and closed, though they do feel a bit stiff to begin with and may take a bit of getting used to. Air is then circulated through the helmet and distributed out the two exhaust points in the back of the helmet.


The visor of the Shoei Hornet ADV shows substantial improvement over the original Shoei Hornet. The visor uses Shoei’s CNS-2 face shield system and creates a tight seal and offers a wide range of view.

Unlike the previous Hornet, the visor is pinlock prepared, and better yet, that pinlock is included in the box. Some adventure riders may be looking at this helmet and wondering if they can easily pair it with their goggles. Well one really cool feature of this helmet is that you can ride with goggles without removing the visor.

You simply fully open the visor, and shove on your goggles, making sure the strap sits in the groove on the back of the helmet.

Another nice feature of the visor is that it can be removed without having to remove the peak, something which couldn’t be done on the previous Hornet. To remove the peak on this helmet simply requires turning a small number of thumb screws around the helmet’s outer shell. The peak is also strong, and durable having effectively blocked out the sun and preventing glare during our road test.


Looking inside the helmet now, the first thing to point out is the quick release cheek pads, a great safety feature so that helmet can be safely removed should things go south. To further help with safety, the Hornet ADV uses a dual layered multi-density EPS liner

The lining of the hornet ADV is completely removable and washable (including the ear pads), and the fabric is 3D Max Dry System II Interior, a quick drying material to help keep things comfortable if you sweat. Removing the lining is easily done, and once it is out it has a lot of EPS grooves to help with air flow. To help with noise isolation and to stop the helmet receiving a large volume of wind, this helmet has a chin curtain.

Looking inside the helmet there are a lot of vents to further help improve the air flow throughout the helmet.]


The Hornet gets a lot of things right, like its comfort and the ability to remove the visor without removing the peak, but also falls short when it comes to ventilation.

What this means is you have to make some concessions if you are interested in this helmet. But this helmet, whether it’s called the Shoei Hornet ADV or the Hornet X2, is a true all road all weather helmet.


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