Takla Air Jacks

  • Description


You might think a space filling, hard to use jack is just one of those things that you have to put up with – with all the extra fitting options . You’d be wrong. The Takla Air Jack sets a new standard in convenience, with absolutely no specialised jacking points required and no need for mounting brackets or heavy base plates. This lightweight and compact PVC bag can be inflated in minutes using a standard compressor, or even your own exhaust pressure. Because it’s also the only air jack that comes standard with an overpressure safety valve and locking exhaust-fitting method, it’s considerably safer than a standard HiLift jack. The Takla Air Jack is so versatile, it will even work on soft sand and mud, with no mounts required. With the Takla Air Jack, say hello to true travel freedom.

Key Features

  • By incorporating heat and abrasion resistant jacking surfaces the jack is robust and suitable for expedition use.
  • The insertion exhaust adaptor and heavy-duty industrial hose connector is important to make the product easy and reliable to use.
  • A separate tyre valve inflator is built into the Jack for emergency use in case the vehicles exhaust is damaged.
  • Safety is enhanced by the inclusion of a pressure release valve that makes the Jack difficult to over inflate.