• Full electric operation (the only rooftop tent your wife can pitch with a sundowner in her hand…)

• Shade awning around all four sides of the tent

• Tent fully erect, with awnings in 30 seconds

• Tent fully closed, all sides and awnings folded away automatically in 30 seconds

• All this at the press of a button

• 2100 x 1350 x 300 mm closed

• 2100 x 1350 x 1030 opened

• Window covers zip open/closed from the inside

• Insulated roof inside – no condensation

• All aluminium construction

Includes: 100mm High Density Foam Mattress, 12V Outlet inside, LED Light inside and an all Aluminium construction ladder.


General Information:

The BunduTop standard size is 2100 x 1350 x 300 mm when closed,

and 2100 x 1350 x 1000 mm when open.

The mattress inside is 2000 x 1250 x 100 mm and it is a high density foam.

This leaves enough space inside the tent so that you can leave your bedding inside.

Kindly arrange your bedding so that it cant hook into the rope system inside,

flattened bedding won’t interfere.

The tent weighs about 60 kg’s, about as heavy as 3 full Jerry cans.

The roof weighs 20 kg’s and can carry additional weight if evenly spread.

You are welcome to install a solar panel on top. We can include solar wiring for an

additional fee and it simplifies the installation of a solar panel by allowing the wiring

to go unseen through the tent.

The tent has a Cigarette Lighter plug and an LED light inside,

and it comes with an aluminium ladder.


The tent has been tested extensively in various locations and weather types.

In the USA it has proven to withstand 50 mph winds and has performed well in snow.

Can I add extra’s?

Apart from Fans, Solar Wiring, replacing your Cigarette Lighter Plug for a USB Plug

and Stainless Steel supports there aren’t any extras necessary.

If I put a thicker rope inside will I be able to lift heavier things on the roof?

No. It is designed to cater for solar panels only.

Can you provide me with a thicker mattress?

Unfortunately we don’t carry various stock, but if you would prefer a different mattress

let us know when ordering and we will exclude the mattress.

That way you can source another one better suited to your needs.


Can I add extra lights inside?

You can add additional lights inside the tent when you place your order.

Adding them at a later date will result in damaged roof lining inside your tent.

Also note that the light situated inside is bright enough to read by and no additional lighting

is necessary.

Can I add fans inside?

You can add fans inside the tent when you place your order. Adding them at a later date

will result in damaged roof lining inside your tent. Also note that the tent was designed to

reflect heat away and the big windows allow maximum airflow and adding a fan is not necessary.


I don’t like the color of the tent, can I order another color?

Unfortunately we don’t carry various stock. We have decided on manufacturing the tent

in a Olive Green only as most camping gear which utilizes canvas also comes in this color.

This way the tent color will be the same as all the other canvas products you may already have.

I don’t like the color of the roof lining, can you replace it with a different material?

Unfortunately we cant change the material of the roof lining. We are aware that it is not the

most attractive material but unfortunately it IS the best one for the job. It has a foam backing

that assists with both insulation and condensation, and is strong enough to handle the

friction of the arms against the roof. We carry only this material and we cant offer alternatives.

It’s good quality more than makes up for its appearance.

Can I order a bigger size?

You can definitely order a larger sized tent. Please note that this severely affects the price

as we have special extrusions that make up the shell of the tent. One extrusion equals one tent.

When we make a larger tent we charge for an additional length of extrusion as there will be

off cuts which can’t be used again for another tent.

I don’t want round rungs on my ladder.

We have done extensive research on the rungs of the ladder. We have decided on the round rungs as most women prefer them as they don’t hurt their feet as much. Unfortunately we don’t carry various stock to make different ladders, so if you would prefer a different ladder kindly let us know when placing your order and we will exclude the ladder. That way you can source another one better suited to your needs.

Will the shape of the tent affect my fuel consumption?

If it does it is indiscernible. We have not noticed any increase in fuel consumption over various vehicle types.

How does it work?

The tent has a winch inside that lifts and lowers it. It is connected to ropes that run on bearings to effectively pull in the awnings and sides. The rope system inside is essentially dyneema plasma rope snaked through various pulleys and arms, as well as the mechanisms for the awning to pull in the sides and awnings when the tent is shut.

The arms and their unique design again assist with the lifting of the tent and ensures that it is rigid when open, essentially strengthening the construction.

Unclip ALL FOUR latches and ensure that they are open before pressing the button to lift the tent. There is a safety feature (limit switch) that assists with telling the motor when to STOP while  lifting/lowering the tent. YOU, however, are responsible for telling the tent when to START, so kindly ensure all the latches have been opened.

Should you forget to unclip one of the latches the arm inside will bend. It is also the only way to damage the tent from the inside. It is easy enough to fix but best avoided.

We will also be able to tell wether this was the cause, so better to be honest when taking it in for repairs!

Our tents have a one year mechanical warranty.

What if it doesn’t work?

Should you for some reason experience electrical failure the tent will be the least of your worries. (Those beers will be getting warm!)

Even so  the tent has a manual override outside, situated right next to the buttons used to lift/lower the tent.

Electricity in the form of jumper cable connection can be used to lift/lower the tent this way.



This means that your tent WILL NOT KNOW WHEN TO STOP.

You HAVE to stop it lifting by removing the electrical flow as soon as the canvas is taut.

The same will apply when you lower it this way. When the tent is about 1 cm from being completely shut, remove the electrical flow. You can simply pull down the roof the last centimeter and fasten the latches.


The only other faults we have experienced is the following:

1.  Tent does not go up or down.

a. Check that the electric cord to the tent has power (If the light goes on inside the tent then there is power)

b. Check that the connectors are not corroded  (If the connectors are corroded it will not allow enough current through to drive the winch)

           c. Use the electric override if all else fails

2.  Tent opens but does not close.

          a. Check the limit switch near the winch.

           The arm on the limit switch might bend over time and not make contact.

Bend the arm a little bit down so that the switch makes contact when the belt is tight. When the tent closes and the belt gets slack the             switch will disconnect and stop the winch

          b. Use the electric override if all else fails

What if I accidentally broke it by forgetting one of my latches on?

It will still work.

The roof of the tent (which weighs +/- 20 kg) can be easily lifted by one person, who can crawl inside and just wedge the corner arms in place. You may need a cable tie to just tie them into that position. When you lower it the next morning gravity will step in and lower it for you and the sides and awnings will still pull in.

What is it made from?

The tent is full aluminium construction and a durable Ripstop canvas.

The tent seals completely when closed and gives a full dust/water proof seal.


Can I fit the tent myself?

Yes. It is not heavy but it is an awkward shape and will need 2 people to handle.

How do I fit the tent myself?

When installing the tent, we advise that there is no more than a 0.5m unsupported overhang.

We also advise that the roofrack/load bars should be no less than 1.27m wide.

If installing on load bars use three evenly spaced supports. The tent can be bolted on with a minimum of 4, preferably 6 bolts

and you can run wiring from the dual battery system with a Brad Harrison plug through the vehicle or make an extension.

If you are doing the wiring from your battery directly to the tent:

Use Brad Harrison plug

Use 6 mm^2 electrical wire

Use 15 Amp inline fuse – this will help prevent damage if you forget to open the latches.

Make sure to connect positive and negative correctly

Please note!

If opening the tent for the first time for installation and the wiring is not made up yet, use the electric override option to open tent and be careful to not over tighten the tent.

If installing on load bars use three evenly spaced supports.