This bash plate & engine guard  for the  BMW F 850 / 750 GS Motorrad protects the undercarriage and vulnerable lower engine cases from damaging rocks, stones and other trail obstacles.

Robust 4 mm thick aluminium alloy is welded into a single structural unit for an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

This indispensable engine protection is mounted with recessed hardware to prevent damaging bolt heads.

Additional rubber grommets  isolate vibrations and help absorb impacts.

A drain bolt access port makes oil changes a breeze as there is no need to remove the engine guard.

Flared edges provide lateral protection while also incorporating laser cut vents to promote airflow keeping your motor cool. cool.

Installation is 100% bolt-on with no drilling, cutting, welding or other modifications necessary.

Prevent stones, debris, roots and other trail obstacles from causing expensive and possibly catastrophic damage to your motorcycle and install an over-engineered German skid plate from the protection experts at SW-MOTECH.

Features of the BMW F 850 /750 GS engine guard :

  • Efficient under-body and engine casing protection
  • Made of 4 mm aluminium plate
  • Silver, brushed
  • Easy to mount
  • Rubber shock mounting
  • Provision made for oil changes
  • Integrated cooling vents
  • Recessed mounting hardware


  • Engine Guard
  • Mounting material
  • Mounting instructions


SW-Motech Bash plate & Engine Guard BMW F 850 GS / 750 GS